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Amazing Tips for Hiding Vehicle Scratches by ViteCars

Kachow! Here comes a new car. As much of a pleasure and Joy it is to drive and own a car, one taking care of it is just about equal pain. Do you remember that first scratch or a dent on car and you couldn’t sleep over? It hurts really badly when you live with it daily. Well these are the joys and stings of maintaining a car. Many a times easy and quick fixes help a long way to cover up small or maybe even deeper scratches and dents without burning a hole in your pocket.

Listing just a few of such fixes here with a hope to help (Tips for Hiding Vehicle Scratches).

  • Bring out the creativity in you and get a custom car graphics printed that suits your personality and taste. ViteCars also offers a series of custom made designs. This would be a fun way to play around with scratches and dents plus it’s funky. You could also go for vehicle lettering.
  • One secret tip that works is using wax crayons followed by clear acquer or polish. If you are having lighter scratches this thing is really going to help you.
  • The tried and tested old school T-cut method along with a polish can be of very help if you do it creatively.
  • When it comes to driving swanky cars, why settle for less when there are a dozen ideas to make up scratches and dents? After all who wants to move around with them any way!! Do you? Of course not. So ViteCars at your service to provide you the best of best.
  • There are a variety of pens available in the market like a clear lacquer pen, something called a magic pen & how to forget our old and tested sharpies. If you can match one with the shade of your car sure go ahead and follow it with a polish.

These are the some tips for you. We hope one of it will really help you according to the situation you are in or the type of scratch you are having. Elsewise ViteCars at your service providing you the best window tinting, headlights tinting, custom decals and much more.

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