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Are you tired of seeing your car in same look every day? Are you bored by the same old color of your car but can’t find a means to change it? Are you thinking of re-paint or a design painting on your car? First thing comes to your mind it’s expensive. Secondly, a bit long procedure. Well! Your problem is over now. Because we ViteCars, Car Wrapping company is providing the latest feature of changing your car outlook i.e. #VinylWrap.
Car wrapping is so much more than an alternative to re-painting your car and it is the ideal solution for individuals looking for an original car design. By applying large sheets of vinyl to your car ViteCars can change its color to create a totally new and refreshed look. The vinyl sheets completely covers the paintwork of your car. If any section of the car does become damaged for any reason, the vinyl can be easily repaired or replaced. This means that panels of your car can be individually re-wrapped at any time.
Well the most important fact is that people mostly don’t know about the wrapping of cars. It actually mean using wrapping instead of paint.
Let us show you by the help of image:

Here are some differences between the Car Wrapping and traditional painting:
1. Cost:
Wrapping is less expensive as compared to the painting.
2. More attractive:
It is more attractive than the painting.
3. Limited:
The designs in painting are restricted by the creativity of the painter. Difficult to achieve the accuracy in terms of the pattern.
4. More variety:
In wrapping more variety is available of colors and combinations along with more designs.
5. Customization:
Customization feature is more edible in wrapping rather than painting.
After you have the broader understanding of the mechanism. Here is the list of services ViteCars for car wrapping available in Newport, Cardiff & South Wales.
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