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The simple answer to the question “Can car wraps be repaired?” is “yes”. As we ViteCars Wrap Guys, we understand that accidents happen. Which is why our team of custom vinyl wrap experts are always available to answer any questions you might have or to help repair damage to your car wrap. So here’s a guide to repair small scratches of car wraps.

Repair Small Scratches on a Vinyl Car Wrap by:

Small scratches on a custom car wrap can often be repaired with a vinyl patch. However, the basic steps that go into repairing a small scratch on a vinyl car wrap are:

  1. Cleaning of the Damaged Area

Using a mix of soap and water, clean the damaged area with a microfiber towel. Be sure to remove any debris, wax, or grease from the area before performing any type of bodywork.

  1. Removing of Damaged Vinyl Sections

While the damaged area is still wet, use a sanding block with wet sandpaper to remove the damaged vinyl sections from the vehicle. Only place light pressure on the block and sand horizontally. Once the damaged vinyl has been removed, clean the area again and dry it down with a microfiber towel.

  1. Applying the Vinyl Patch

Measure out a vinyl patch so that it is big enough to cover the damage, as well as overlap with the existing vinyl wrap. Once you have the right size vinyl patch, remove the backing and use your fingers or a squeegee to start applying the middle of the vinyl. Working your way up and down the patch, make sure to remove any air bubbles. If you are having a hard time, consider heating the vinyl with a heat gun or hairdryer to make it easier to stretch.

  1. Adhere the Vinyl Patch

Once the vinyl patch is fully applied, use a heat gun or hairdryer on any stretched surfaces, such as curves or creases, to help the vinyl wrap adhere to the vehicle.

So that is easy isn’t. For more help call out our repairers. In case of severe damage ViteCars at your service. Don’t take any kind of risks.

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