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Cost Effective headlight tinting at ViteCars Cardiff

Don’t waste money on colored bulbs, restore and colorize your existing fixtures because ViteCars have a cost-effective solution for you which is “Headlight tinting”.ViteCars offers a wide range of Headlight Tint solutions for all automotive applications, whether for cars or motorbikes. Our Headlight Tint films are made from commercial grade high-density urethane vinyl films designed to protect your car and motorbike from rocks and stone chip damage. ViteCars Headlight Tint solutions are flexible and easy to install, providing durable UV resistance. Our Headlight Tints are water resistant, and will not fade, chip, crack or peel. They are easy to clean with water and easily removable, and will not scratch your headlight.

Process to Headlight Tinting in ViteCars:

  • The main task is choosing the color of the tint for the headlight. Which is of course done by you.
  • Next is to ensure that the surface is properly cleaned and should be free of oil, suspended particles and dirt.
  • The film of the tint chosen is cut into a rough size.
  •  Moving further the film of the tint is then removed from the protective shell.
  • The cut film is applied to the surface of the headlight.
  • Now all the air bubbles are removed to give a finishing touch.
  • After everything has been done, the excess of the film is then carefully cut give the perfect adjustments.

The experts of headlight tinting in ViteCars claim that only cleaning and polishing is not enough for cars; rather, adding a colored film or giving a smoky look to the lights makes the vehicle look outstanding. However, it is not all about appearance, though; it also works as a protectant and keeps debris and road dust out. So you can see clearly.

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