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More Types of Vehicle Wraps in Cardiff South Wales


As we have discussed about the Matt, satin and gloss wrap in our previous article, in this one we will give you more information about the types of vehicle wraps. Because the choices are never ended. So there is yet more to explore. Explore with ViteCars.

Are There Other Options for Vehicle Wraps?

Yes, there are other options to consider in addition to the matte, satin, or gloss looks. Here are a few of the unique looks you can achieve with a new vehicle wrap:

  • Brushed Metal Vehicle Wraps:

    These wraps look just like real brushed metal finishes. They have a slightly metallic look to them but offer all the added benefits of a vehicle wrap. It is a good choice.

  • Frozen Vehicle Wraps:

    . The ‘frozen’ look as we call it is one of the most eye-catching looks out there. This end combines a chrome wrap with a matter over-laminate manufacturing a singular, frozen vogue. Yes make your own good style.

  • Chrome Vehicle Wraps:

    These wraps offer a mirror-like finish for your vehicle. Completing this type of vehicle wrap takes some serious skill, but the look is sure to be unique.

  • Over-Laminates:

    An over-laminate is a protective layer added to a wrap. These are commonly couple with a printed wrap where you want to protect the design. What’s unique about the over-laminate is that it adds a unique look to the finished product depending on the finish you go with (matte, satin, or gloss).

What Finish Will You Choose?
Ultimately, the choice is up to you. That’s the beauty of Car Wrapping in that you have the freedom to pick the look you prefer and see it come to life. That said, be sure you partner with an experienced vehicle wrap shop. This will ensure the best finished product and the most beautiful results.

I hope by going through our two guides on types of vehicle wraps now you can explore the colors and styles of your imagination, you liking and disliking. You preferences. ViteCars has it all you will just have to say it and it’s done.

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