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Types of Headlight Tinting Newport Cardiff South Wales

Types of headlights tinting

Continuing the topic from our previous blog which was on headlight tinting and its benefits we will go through types of headlights tinting to give you more information about its styling. Let us first recall what is headlight tinting.

Headlights are one of the most important (and often underappreciated) components of a vehicle. Headlight tinting is yes used for styling. During day time headlight tinting will protect your headlights from damage from the heat of the sun. And in night it can be used as an element of style and coolness. So why not headlight tinting. If you are willing for a headlight tinting then yes it will be in your range and with best quality offered by ViteCars.

ViteCars offers a wide range of Headlight Tint solutions for all automotive applications, whether for cars or motorbikes. Our Headlight Tint films are made from commercial grade high-density urethane vinyl films designed to protect your car and motorbike from rocks and stone chip damage. ViteCars Headlight Tint solutions are flexible and easy to install, providing durable UV resistance. Our Headlight Tints are water resistant, and will not fade, chip, crack or peel. They are easy to clean with water and easily removable, and will not scratch your headlight.

In this blog we will go through the types of headlight tinting.

CLEAR HEADLIGHT TINT: Headlight lenses can become cloudy and hazy over time, due to UV radiation. Add in the abuse & wear from road debris, and it is very difficult to maintain new look for a long time. Unless you install clear Lamin-x! Protect them with a clear 12 mils thick layer of our protective film. DIY installation to keep your head lamps looking new for many years. 

TINT HEADLIGHT TINT: Or you have and option of giving your headlight lenses a subtle tinted look while retaining great light output. Our Tint Protective Films Covers are adhesive-backed for a DIY install directly onto the lens by obtaining a perfect balance between prevention from cloudy or hazy lights.

GUNSMOKE HEADLIGHT TINT: Another option is giving your headlight lenses a smoke-out look while retaining good light output. Our Gun smoke Protective Films Covers are adhesive-backed for installation directly onto the lens.

YELLOW HEADLIGHT TINT: you can also give your headlight lenses the same yellow look as endurance race cars, & project a bright yellow light.

BLUE HEADLIGHT TINT: Give your headlight lenses a blue look, yet project a bright white light. This one is also very stylish.

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