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Washing Vinyl Car Wraps Cardiff, Newport ViteCars UK

First to start, we all know that we as human beings cannot live dirty or with dirty things around. Same way we can’t live without cleaning our accessories that we use in our daily life. Isn’t that relatable. Yes! For sure. So, in the same way described previously we all are conscious about keeping our car & vehicles neat and clean also. Well is you have wrap around your car then this blog is especially for you.

Here are some amazing tips for car wrap washing at your service.

  1. Same as washing your paint things you need to first rinse the body of the car with plain water.
  2. And then for scrubbing use the mild detergent mix with water and gradually scrub your car.
  3. We recommend you to use the new sponge every time because it prevents the car from getting scratches.
  4. After all the rinsing and scrubbing now use the grass hose to wash the extra soapy lather
  5. Do not use! We repeat do not use the hot water or a high pressure nozzle because it may damage your wrap.
  6. Now let your car take some rest to dry out naturally.
  7. Also here is an extra tip for you to not use any products for shining without consulting your vinyl wrap installer to be sure for this that they are safe for your wrap.

These were some tips to help you out on your car wrap washing journey. And here is some more information for you that if you have tough stains on vinyl wrap what you need to do is to soak that area where the stubborn stain or difficult contaminant like tree sap, mud or bird droppings are with detergent water mix.

Avoid gasoline spills and chemicals to contact with your vinyl wrap to avoid any sever injury to your wrap.

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