Wheel Refurbs

Wheel Refurbs by ViteCars Newport Cardiff South Wales

Wheel Refurbs

Have you got your car wheels very dirty and filthy because of the everyday dirt? And is its paint is totally crashed. Its elegant look has been spoiled. Because to cars wheels are just as shoes to humans. If shoes are not classy the whole look get destroyed. Just as this is the cars look get destroyed if the wheels loses their original color and style. But no need to worry because the ViteCars are your service. (Wheel Refurbs)


ViteCars repairs all types of alloy wheel damage.  If you’ve damaged your wheels and need alloy wheel repair, be it gutter rash, curb damage, alloy wheel scratches, machine faced wheel repairs, or whatever you call it, Then ViteCars can restore your wheels back to ‘just like new. To paint wheels and restore them to their original beauty, ViteCars can’t use just any paint, not even any automotive paint. That’s why we brings you the best wheel paints for every purpose: silver argent color wheel paint to match stylized steel wheels, especially those of the muscle era. Satin black for OEM black wheels and the black backgrounds on chrome wheels. Nano-ceramic-fortified charcoal-color wheel paints. You’ll even find paints that match the fine silver or gold metallic flake paint found on high-end racing wheels. If you are looking to preserve the shine on a set of polished aluminum wheels, protect them with ViteCars UK.


We’re highly experienced in all aspects of wheel repair and refinishing. We are a team of qualified professionals consisting of Engineers, Spray Painters and Wheel Technicians in South Wales.

 Here are some Benefits of taking wheel refurbs from ViteCars.


  • Superior and latest eco-friendly painting technology
  • Custom-spray booths
  • Custom infra-red and conventional baking ovens
  • Pickup and delivery service for all customers if required
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Professionally trained staff


For more visit our website: https://vitecars.co.uk

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