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What do we all do whenever we want a fresh air, relaxation of mind, mesmerizing of eyes, calmness and peace? We of course make a cup of coffee or tea and head straight to the window. That was the situation in daily life. But when we are travelling we actually do the same look through our car window. What if the dust makes all the beautiful view outside dispersed with small spots of unclassy fashion look and untimely dust? The mood will be spoiled and the style would be gone. Else you would be irritated. What should you do then? Well! ViteCars has the solution. Not only to the cleanliness but also to the class, look and elegancy as well. So brace yourself pals because ViteCars not only provide different kinds of window tints but they also provide custom facility. Just visit the website. Place an order. And bring your vehicle to the site. Here you can find multiple types of Vehicle Window Tinting.

Which are as follows:

  • Black tint (Black tint is the darkest legal tint on the market for non-commercial vehicles. By using black tint, the amount of UV light and glare coming through your windows is vastly reduced. Which means your car interior will stay much cooler in the Brisbane heat, it is also non-metallic and won’t interfere with your radio signal or mobile reception.)
  • Metallic tint (Metallic tint acts like a heat shield, blocking more of the sun’s heat than any other tint. This grey colored tint will also protect your car interior extremely well from damaging UV rays.)
  • Cool tint (Cool tint is one of our most popular tints. It’s effective at blocking heat, glare, and UV, and is very affordable. Cool tint definitely make your car look cool and feel cooler. And that’s always a plus in Brisbane. )
  • Budget tint (If money is your number one concern for a car window tint, then our budget tint is for you!)
  • Colored tints (If you want to give your car a touch of flare, check out our colored tints. They can really enhance the overall look of your car while providing great heat and UV protection.)
  • Privacy tint (Privacy tint is made to match the tint of your car. It’s not as dark as privacy glass, but is as close as you will legally get. We can match up your privacy tint color with your car’s color in less than an hour.)

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